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Want to work out on your own and create your own workout? Learn how:

In "Move The Kettebell" workshop you will be taught, under competent guidance and supervision, the structure and basics for a safe and effective workout.

What you'll learn:

The aim of the seminar is that the participants get a first and safe handling of a kettlebell. It is a 1 x 1 of handling this interesting training tool. How do I lift the weight from the floor, how do I carry, move, pull and push it. How and what can I train with it. The following basic movements will be trained: PLANK, DEADLIFT, SQUAT, PULL VARIANT, CHEAT CLEAN and MILITARY PRESS and PUSH-PRESS.

You will learn the first basic exercises to create your own and highly effective workout. This training principle you can integrate and combine with many training methods such as training with dumbbells or your own body weight, thus promoting your knowledge and will be ahead of the overtherosized fitness world a piece.

Where does kettlebell training come from?

Kettlebells used to be weights that were used to counterbalance a bag of rice in the markets. Many merchants began to perform tricks with these weights to attract people's attention to their stall. Soon the challenges of the neighboring stalls arose and a sport was born. Peoples like the Greeks developed the movements with the ball and trained their soldiers to be excellent fighters.

The principles united in the RKC today, this was founded by Pavel Tsatsouline, the forefather of modern kettlebell training. Pavel brings his experience with the ball, from the Russian Speznaz, to the U.S., developing a safe and highly effective training system.
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