Tactical Pull-Up

Interested in exercise to a next level? Want to work out on your own and design your workout? Learn how you train in "SF Bodyweight System" under competent guidance and supervision the basis for an expanded foundation and the construction of a training system with your own body weight.

The Tactical Pull-Up

What you learn:

Tactical Pull-Ups are not only for operators. This workshop is designed to give the participant the system and the movement modules, up to the tactical pull-up, on the way. As with all of these workshops, it is not expected that the participant already knows the execution. Rather, it is taught how to build and create them with a series of exercise segments and their planning.

The Tactical Pull-Up is one of the best exercises in the Pull-Up class for general strength development. The strength gained can be used in many applications, and it is also a prerequisite for a variety of gymnastic exercises.

Learn the system to give you a plan to achieve the Pull-Up, or if you can already do it, learn from dead hanging, with no momentum, kipping or other suboptimal movements, pull up until the jaw line clears the bar.




About the system:

StrongFirst is the "School of Strength" founded by Pavel Tsatsouline. We believe that strength has a higher purpose. We are experts at making the weak strong and the strong stronger.

In addition to strength, we train "strong endurance" and resilience for the most demanding tasks.
Our methods, distilled from the best of Russian and Western sports science, have proven successful with professional athletes, special operations forces of the highest level, as well as ordinary people who have decided to gain self-respect and stop being weak.

Our Instructor Team includes national team coaches, national champions, former members of military special forces, emergency responders, police officers, elite martial artists, national team doctors, and other high-level professionals.

You can find members of our community on six continents. Join us. We are an elite school, but not elitist. The requirement for entry is a strong mind, patience and attention to detail.

Power to you!

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