a target!

Training is the "general physical preparation" for our everyday life and its challenges. 

Whether it's a newcomer or a specific athlete, the goals are defined differently. 

I will show YOU how to train systematically and purposefully, how to let go of bad energy during training and how to recharge yourself to new heights. 


May I introduce

Falk Monzel - Your personal trainer

As a personal trainer of the Federal Association BPT, RKC & StrongFirst® instructor and former professional athlete, it is my job today to help you achieve the best possible physical condition.

I am pleased to offer you an exclusive and unique private training program that is tailored to your physical and personal abilities and needs.

Together and with joy, we will reach your personal goals as quickly as possible!


and support

In tailor-made individual training, you will receive intensive, gentle and professional support. Together we will achieve your personal goals even faster.

The following programmes promote muscle strength and keep joints flexible and elastic, improve the performance of the heart, lungs and other organs, reduce susceptibility to common injuries and degenerative heart disease, and reduce emotional and nervous tension.
The advantages are obvious. The success of their fitness programme inevitably leads to success in other areas of life such as work or private life.

For each Individual Training Package you need a check-up appointment. Here I check your general fitness and health status. This is a prerequisite in order to be able to take previous or current injuries and illnesses into account when planning the training.

What you can expect:

// Original Personal Training
// Individual training 1:1
// Unbound 
// Individual training sessions
// Time independence
// Exclusivity
// Discretion
// Motivation
// Active stress management and relaxation
// intensive pursuit of desired goals
// Compensation for the stressful workday
// maximum success with minimum time expenditure
Posture correction Movement pattern analysis
Training Strength & Athletics Kettlebell Bodyweight Barbell
Boxing Manager Kick- & Thai Self-awareness
Neuromuscular trigger points & help for self-correction
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I give all my values and experience for you, accompany you to achieve goals and maintain them in the long term.


Do you want to train on your own and create your own workout? Then learn how:

In my workshops, you will be taught the structure and basics for safe and effective training under expert guidance and supervision.

One-Arm Pushup •27.Jul 2024

Kettlebell Statics •23.Mär 2024

Pistol Squat •06.Apr 2024

Kettlebell Advanced •20.Apr 2024

Enter the Kettlebell •18.Mai 2024

Tactical Pull-Up •08.Jun 2024

Next workshop: One-Arm Pushup •27.Jul 2024
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Personal Training

You don't have a suitable gift for your friends, partner or family yet? You have always thought that HE/SHE should start with sports? HE/SHE just can't find a connection to the training?

With a voucher, all that can change. Whether you want to train flexibility, strength, fitness, boxing or with kettlebells, the offer at Falk is suitable and balanced. The only thing missing is the first step. What could be more appropriate than giving this person a gift voucher? Give your loved ones a nice training gift.

The top priority is a healthy and safe training experience.

Just ask for prices.
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I am absolutely convinced that there is one investment in life that is particularly worthwhile. The investment in yourself, your health, your body and mind. At the end of the day, we all want to go through life strong, healthy and feeling good.

I give all my values and experience for you, accompany you to achieve goals and maintain them in the long term.
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