Advance The Kettlebell

Bringe Dein Kettlebelltraining auf das nächste Level. Hast Du schon an einem „Enter the Kettlebell“ Seminar, dem Einstieg von RKC, teilgenommen? Dann hast Du nun die Möglichkeit fortschreitendere Techniken wie der One Arm Swing, Clean, Press und Snatch kompetent und professionell zu erlernen.

The advantages of training with the kettlebell are:

Extreme improvement of endurance and fat loss without lengthy endurance training. Build functional strength, flexibility and mobility, fun and varied workout for home or outdoor.
Efficiency - training in a shorter time, in combination with quickly noticeable results. After a short check of the basic exercises Hardstyle SWING and Turkish GET UP, the Kettlebell Advanced Seminar will teach the advanced techniques for a safe and effective training under competent guidance and supervision. The goal of the seminar is for participants to get an introduction to the kettlebell ONE ARM SWING, CLEAN, PRESS and SNATCH exercises according to RKC standards. The extension for a highly effective workout.
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10:00 – ca. 13:00 Uhr
3 - 5
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bereits "Enter The Kettlebell" Teilnahme

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