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Want to work out on your own and create your own workout? Learn how:

"Enter the Kettlebell" is the basic seminar of RKC were you will learn, under competent guidance and supervision, the structure and the basics for a safe and efficient workout.

The advantages of training with the kettlebell are:

Every start and every journey begins with a small step. Then you start with an "Enter The Kettlebell" workshop, the first step to learning truly excellent tools. To create a better and more effective lifestyle.

..so equip yourself!

With "Enter The Kettlebell" we initiate the beginning, created for beginners and advanced at the same time, to learn or improve your foundations in kettlebell training. Learn how to create your own workout, how to train with a kettlebell alone, minimalist and balanced. 

The Hardstyle principles of RKC mark a qualitative difference to conventional kettlebell training. Build functional strength, flexibility and mobility. A fun and varied workout for at home or outdoors.

To give you this effective workout with noticeable results, the following exercises are trained:
Hardstyle PLANK
Goblet SQUAT
Turkish GET-UP

Where did the Enter the Kettlebell workshop come from?

"Enter the Kettlebell" is the first part and introduction to the official training system of RKC. The Hardstyle principles of RKC mark the qualitative difference to conventional kettlebell training.

RKC was founded by Pavel Tsatsouline, the forefather of modern kettlebell training
Of course, the top priority is a healthy and safe training experience. In addition to an introduction to the 1×1 of kettlebell safety, a first guiding principle of the RKC Kettlebell School comes into play here:

The movement quality always goes over the movement quantity!

This means that during training, the greatest emphasis is always placed on technically correct exercise execution. Only when the basic technique really sits, we can continue with the level of resistance (weight of the kettlebell) and the training parameters volume and / or density (number of repetitions / pauses). 

Created for ambitious beginners and advanced athletes at the same time. Learn how to design your own workout and train with the kettlebell in a minimalistic and balanced way.

Also participants, who have already participated once, come again and again to maintain their quality level in the training and to improve any mistakes that have crept in. A joint workout concludes the seminar. Here many participants realize for the first time how intensive training feels and that you don't need much time to demand a demanding and challenging workout from your body.

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